Here Are The Top Places For Entertainment In Beavercreek OH

Beavercreek is considered a very nice place to live. Located in Greene County, Beavercreek has over 100 restaurants and 16 listed attractions. You will find more than just the listed entertainment, too, but let’s look at some top places of interest. If you are going to be living in the city, or even visiting, you are going to want to know what to do for fun.

The Mall at Fairfield Commons is one place to visit, but guess what. It’s not the only mall in Beavercreek. There is also The Greene. The Mall at Fairfield Commons is on Fairfield Commons Boulevard, and it is said to be in a great location. There are many great anchor stores, specialty stores, a food court and even a pet store.

The Greene is located on Buckeye Lane, and it is rather unique. Many reviews mention live music, and people say that it’s a great place to visit during the holiday season. Fountains are mentioned, and you can expect to find some great food there, too. One person mentioned that this mall is host to eclectic shops, which sounds like a good description.

The Great Escape Game is another go-to place for entertainment in Beavercreek OH. Located on Grange Hall Road, The Great Escape Game features different rooms, some of them harder to solve than others. It is mentioned in the reviews that as many as 8 people can go in at the same time. Pharaoh’s Revenge is one of the rooms. For an hour’s worth of fun, head on over to The Great Escape Game and pick your room.

Beaver-Vu Bowling is also quite popular, and it is on North Fairfield Road. This establishment is said to boast a family friendly atmosphere, and there are tournaments hosted there as well. One person said that she hosted a pizza birthday party there that was a blast for the kids. Others say that the pizza, fries, and other food served up there is delicious.

You can also visit The Woodhouse Day Spa and many other places of interest in Beavercreek OH. There are bars and pubs listed when it comes to places of Interest, too, and don’t forget the 100+ restaurants. You will find all kinds of interesting things to do, and this list should get you started. Beavercreek OH is host to many fun activities, and if it were me, I think I would start with The Great Escape.